Animals - Alpacas, Cows, Coyotes, Deer, Dogs, Dolphin, Foxes, Horses, Lobster, Mountain Lions, Seals, Sharks, Turtles, Whales

Alpacas in Duxbury, May 2009

Dairying in Duxbury, July 2, 1987

Coyotes Presence Felt by Residents, April 1999
Coyotes Roam Duxbury Beach, June 2002
Field notes, June 2002
Orange cat lost, June 2002
Police monitoring sick coyote, July 2002
Coyote attack, July 2002
Living with coyotes, January 2005
Coyotes back, December 2005
Coywolves or Large Coyotes May 10, 2017

Rise in deer population, November 1998
Deer collisions soar, November 1999
Town Land May Be Open to Hunting, August 2002
Question of the Week, September 2002
Hunting Restricted on Town Parcels, October 2002
Deer Hunting Season Begins, October 2003

Pooper-scooper bylaw proposed, February 2002
Eddy, the Jack Russell Terrier, October 2002
Betsy the Corgi and Bowes Compete at Westminster, February 2005

Dolphin in Island Creek, September 2003
Dolphin Died of Pneumonia, October 2003
Dolphins Seen in Duxbury 3-29-2017

No date - fox with injuries euthanized
Foxes preying on shorebird nests, July 1999
Fox attack on Old Cordwood Path, August 11, 1999

No date, by Gershom Bradford
The Last Horse on High Street, No Date
Horse Outlived 2 King Caesars, No Date
August 25, 1977
Horse Owners, December 1980
Humanity and Horses, May 17, 1989
Living with Horses, May 26, 1993
Hobby Knoll, August 2002
Board of Health Horse Rules Discussed, October 2004
Duxbury and Horses 1637-1937, December 2004

December 13, 2000
Tower Catches Blue Lobster, December 2000

Mountain Lion
Mountain lion sighting, March 2010

Rare Hooded Seal Identified in Duxbury Bay, January 1998
Aquarium Called in to Assist Beached Seal, November 1998

Shark September 2014
Shark Monitoring Buoy Installed 7-15-2015
Were White Sharks Spotted 7-20-2016

Initials on Turtle Shell, May 1975
Snapping Turtles Lays Eggs on Bay Farm Road, June 2002

Right Whales Threatened by Ships, No Date
Whale Sightings at Duxbury beach No Date
Beached Humpback Whale Victim of Cargo Ship, October 2001
Photo of Beached Humpback Whale, October 2001
Humpback Whale Washes Up, October 2001
Right Whales off Gurnet 9-9-2015
Whale washes up on beach 5-4-2016