Performing Arts- Established actors and young hopefuls from the Duxbury area launch careers in the field of entertainment
Christine Ciccone no date
Charlie Tarbox 1996, Dec
Hanna McEachern May 2007

Graphic Arts

History of Duxbury Art Association, August 1954
Duxbury Art Association 1917-1975, May 1975
Duxbury art galleries, April 2002
Draco the dragon, April 2005
Duxbury Art Association turns 90, June 2007
New art gallery opens, October 2011.
The Duxbury Art Association turns 100 Jan 31, 2018

Graphic Artists

Artists - alphabetical listing of local artists

High school students create mural at Town Hall, no date
Six local artists at Bumpus Gallery, July 1996

Ames, Fisher
Oil paintings by Fisher Ames shown, 1952

Bentz, Ture
Ture Bentz, August 1998

Bittinger, Charles
Biography of artist Charles F. Bittinger
Exhibit dedicated to Captain Bittinger, July 1965

Bloodgood, Craig
Craig Bloodgood, April 1998
Craig Bloodgood to exhibit at Boston Childrens Museum, October 2006

Cleveland, Elizabeth "Lilly"
Elizabeth Cleveland shows at Artica Gallery, May 2001
Lilly Cleveland, March 2010

Collins, Jane Flavell
Clipper visits Jane Flavell Collins, September 1998
Local artists work in courtrooms, March 2004
Jane Flavell-Collins, courtroom sketch artist, August 2005
Flavell sisters, courtroom artists, March 2007
Jane Collins, October 2010
Portrait of a Mobster Duxbury artist sketches infamous Whitey Bulger, June 2011.pdf

Creamer, George
George Creamer at the Art Complex Museum, June 1996
George Creamer's "Landscape Under Construction", August 1996

Dehaemers, Matthew
Matthew Dehaemers, July 2007
Lacrosse is his inspiration; artist sculpture is tribute to lacrosse team, August 2007.pdf

Enneking, John
John Enneking in ARTNews, October 2005

Francis, Virginia Mortenson
Virginia Mortenson Francis, December 1996

Fulop, Elisabeth Weber
Elisabeth Weber Fulop, March 1966
Weber Fulop, Elizabeth, February 1993

Greenamyer, George
Sculptor George Greenamyer, no date
George Greenamyer, July 1977

Haran, Jack
Jack Haran, February 2010

Hathaway, Rufus
Rufus Hathaway, August 1953
Rufus Hathaway featured in Antiques magazine, November 1976
Primitive artist Rufus Hathaway, June 17, 1987

Jensen, Ruth
Ruth Jensen; Painter, February, 2011.pdf

Joyce, Marshall
Marshall Joyce, February 1998

Korites, Bernard
Bernard Korites, September 2010

Lanza, John
John Lanza, September 1996

Lesieur, Bettina
Bettina and Robert Lesieur, August 1996
Betitina Lesieur, October 1997
Bettina Lesieur, November 1999
Bettina Lesieur, November 2003
Bettina Lesieur, July 2008
Bettina Lesieur, July 2009

Pratt, Constance Flavell
Constance Flavell Pratt, December 2006

Smit, Katherine
Katherine Smit, no date

Stair, Gobin
Gobin Stair, July 1982

Warner, Samuel
Warner, Samuel, no date

Wilson, Gil
Wilson, Gil, November 1950

Youse, Gay
Gay Youse, March 1998
Memories of Gay Youse, March 1998


Aerosmith - Popular rock and roll band that originated on the South Shore where several members of the band live.

Aerosmith - Great Woods Concert, July 1997
Opening of Mount Blue, Norwell, MA August 1997
Animal Shelter Donation March 1999
Joe Perry Interview, Boston Globe August 2002
Pictures at Duxbury Beach July 2003