Battelle Memorial Institute - Formerly Clapp Labs, now local department fo the National Research Laboratory, conducts contract research and provides technical services in all areas of marine and environmental science.

Bay Circuit Trail - Nature trail with route from Ipswich to Duxbury.

Bay Farm - Farmland purchased by town for open space in 1972.

Beach -

Birds - See also: Plovers

Boating - Design and use.

Boston Marathon

Bradford Family - Governor and descendants.

Bradford founding father 11-26-2014

Brewster Lilacs - Stand of lilacs on Marshall Street planted by William Brewster and acknowledged to be oldest in New World.

Brewster, William - Elder of the pilgrim church and early settler of Duxbury.

Bridge - Powder Point Bridge

Bug Light (Duxbury Pier Light) - Erected in 1871 near Clark's Island the light is an ironclad structure deemed obsolete by U.S. Coast Guard in 1983. Scheduled to be replaced, the lighthouse was saved by local advocate group. See also: Lighthouses.

Buildings - Significant municipal structures.

Bumpus Gallery -

Business & Industry - Select establishments in the town. See also: Ford's Store.