Business & Industry


French Memories getting publicity, March 2006
French Memories gets Boston media attention, April 2006
French Memories Celebrates 20 Years August 26, 2009
My Little Bakery, January 2010


Snug Harbor Boat Works, February 2004
Bayside Marine 4-22-2015


Books and Bob Hale July 1996
Independent Bookstores Face New Challenge June 10, 1999
Chris and Marilyn Haraden, new Westwinds owners, April 2005
Westwinds in business 60 years, February 2007
Westwinds bookstore, July 2008
Westwinds on the market, April 2010

Westwinds accepts purchase offer, March 25, 2011.pdf
Westwinds moves into bigger digs, June 2011.pdf
Westwinds Turns 70 11-23-2016


Plymouth Cordage Company, no date
Grist Mills and Factory at Millbrook by Dr. Peterson, no date
Letter regarding shoe industry in Duxbury, February 1937
Correspondence regarding The Standard Fertilizer Company, May 1940
Standard Fertilizer Company, May 1952
The ice business, February 1971
Lyman School boys indentured to Duxbury residents, May 1975
The Standard Fertilizer Company, May 1975
Small industries in Duxbury, November 1982
William Tudor, Ice King, May 1983
Ice industry, January 1999


Bongis' and DeLorenzo's, turkey farms, November 1950
Bay Farm Company correspondence and records, 1932
Bongi's prepares for Today show, November 1996
Howlands Farm, August, 1998
The Bongi's Story, November 2004
Farmers Market opens, July 2009
Photos of Farmers Market at Tarkiln, July 2009
Cranhistory-cranberries 1-28-2015


Bennett Lobster and Seafood closes, January 1998
Local fish market changes hands, March 2001
New owners at Back River Fish Market, September 2004
Back River Fish Market closes, December 2007

Gas Stations

Open House at Bennetts, June 1968
Oil company merger won't affect Duxbury stations, December 1998

General Stores

Ford's Store, No Date
Sweetser's General Store July 30, 1970
Ken's Country Store in Hall's Corner, May 1977
Sweetsers General Store, September 1982
Duxbury grocery stores, June 1983
Osborn's Country Store, April 1989
Sweetser's General Store, April 1989
History of Ford Emporium, May 1996

Grocery stores

New A & P in Duxbury Plaza, July 1968
Photos from groundbreaking for Depot St. shopping center, March 1968
Editorial on A and P in Duxbury, April 2003
A & P is gone, October 2003
Grand Union to Close, November 2003
Editorial on Grand Union market, November 2003
Mixed feelings about Grand Union closing, November 2003
Jane Bradleys Ode to the A and P, November 2003
A & P Plaza Still Empty, July 2006
Duxbury without grocery store for 1,000 days, August 2006
Repairs planned for old A & P building, December 2006
Foodies liquor license rejected, May 2007
Foodies might not work without license, May 2007
Fall opening for Foodie's, August 2007
Foodie's opens for business, December 2007
Foodie's grand opening, December 2007
Foodies, August 2008

Gift stores

The Studio, March 1974
John Stanton, owner of The Studio, April 2005

Halls Corner

Memories of Halls Corner, November 1950
Changes at the Marketplace, February 2011.pdf
Love flowers, love life Duxbury Flowers and Art, February 2011.pdf
Rite Aid buys Brooks, June 2007
Two shops closing, May 2008
Hall's Corner Improvement Jul 7, 2015

Hotels and Inns

Duxbury Inn, September 1970
Powder Point Bed and Breakfast, October 2010

Ice cream

Farfars celebrates 20th anniversary, June 1999
Farfars takes top honors again, August 2002
Farfar's wins Best of Boston, August 2003
FarFars in Duxbury is the last one, February 2004
Farfars marks 25 years in Duxbury, June 2004
Farfars top ice cream shop, July 2005
Farfar's Ice Cream, July 2010
Scoops under New Ownership 4-10-2013


Dahlen Building and Landscaping 4-22-2015
Eagles Nest Tree & Landscape 4-22-2015

Millbrook area

Goodrich Lumber moves to Kingston, April 2002
Two shops closing, May 2008
Millbrook Market makes a move, October 2011.pdf
A Millbrook area revival, October 2011.pdf

Millbrook Motors

Millbrook Motors Back May 19, 2010

Millbrook Motors closed, December 2010.pdf

New business

Harbor Dogs, No Date
Lisa Salamone caters tea parties, July 1996
Clipper Visits Lisa Salamone July 24, 1996

SEA-FAR Development September 14, 1997

Flying Noodle January 11, 1998
Local woman starts The Go Cart livery business, September 1999
Grace Healy and Picture Perfect pillows, July 2007
Nine opens for business, December 2007
DHS grad launches catering business, April 2008
European Gardens, April 2008
Young hot dog entrepreneur, May 2008
Sugar boutique, August 2008
Jacqueline O'Toole; One gift and coffee chop, January 2011.pdf
Toys as teaching tools, August 2011.pdf
New Business Profile - The Foodsmith 10-21-2015
Powder Point Sports - Ski Style 2-3-2016
New Business Profile - Petit Peony 9-28-2016
New Business Profile - The Oysterman 12-14-2016
New Business Profile - Peel Pizza Company 1-25-2017
Petit Peony Makes Fashion History 1-25-2017
New Business Profile - Chestnut Street Grill 2-8-2017
New Business Profile - Theodore and Company July 19, 2017

Old Businesses

Photo of Duxbury Coal and Lumber Co, no date
Ad and photo of Mrs. Banister house, no date
Ad and drawing of W. S. Freeman and Co., no date
Photo of horse drawn barge from Briggs livery stable, no date
Advertisement for J. L. McNaught, no date
Old business directory, no date
Old businesses on Washington Street, July 1950
Clipper Ads JUne 19, 1952
Duxbury Coal and Lumber Co., May 1953
Photo of Plymouth Five Cents Savings Bank, November 1955
Some Duxbury Citizens in a 1901 Scene, Reprinted January 21, 1960
Duxbury Clipper Business Directory, 1971
Memories of old slaughterhouse (originally published in 1950), May 1975
Old advertisement for WS Freeman store, May 1975
Merry Dump, November 1977
Residents petition for dump clean-up, November 1977
Diverse economy in Duxbury, June 1987
Duxbury in 1898, from Clipper, August 1982
History of house on Bluefish River, March 1998
Early shopping centers, May 2000
Shopping in Duxbury, 1870 to 1950, a history, August 2004
5 of Duxbury's Oldest Businesses 4-22-2015


Island Creek Oysters, July 2007
How Island Creek Oysters grow, July 2007
Pearl of the Bay, Part I, July 2007
Selectmen applaud Island Creek Oysters, May 2008
Island Creek Oysters win top prize in Providence, no date
Island Creek Oysters involved in Boston Harbor project, October 2008
Oysters and beer, together again, January 2010
Island Creek Oysters helps bring shellfish to Africa, July 2010
Island Creek Oysters Festival proceeds to support hatchery in Zanzibar, August 2010
Photo journal of an oysters life, September 2010
Shellfish fans, your ship has come in; Island Creek cultivates a fresh approach, January 2011.pdf
Oyster Farming in Duxbury 2-22-2014
Island Creek Oysters 4-22-2015
Farm to Table Royal Oyster Cult Develops App 10-26-2016
Oyster industry gets own mooring area 5-4-2016

Real Estate

Real estate history in Duxbury, November 1999


The Winsor House, May 1953
Florida hotel presents Toll House cuisine, February 1965
Wakefields featured in Boston Globe, April 1965
Wakefields honored, July 1973
Richard Cretinon new owner of The Duxbridge Restaurant, June 1977
Duxbridge Restaurant, August 1982
Sand Dollar Grill, July 1996
Tsangs Cafe opens, January 1999
Sun Tavern, October 1999
Sun Tavern sold, March 2001
Winsor House Inn brochure, 2002
Milepost Tavern, September 2004
George Doyle open Powder Point Grille and Pizzeria, January 2006
New owners for Sun Tavern, July 2007
New owners for Sun Tavern, September 2007
Sun Tavern closes, January 2009
Sun Tavern opens again, April 2010
Yo Taco coming to town, May 2010
Yo Taco, October 2010
Yo! A fresh taco shack in Duxbury, July 2011.pdf
Permits Approved for The Oysterman 5-18-2016
Executive Chef Gary James is new owner of Sun Tavern Aug 23, 2017

Take Home Meals

No wine at Entree Vous, October 2007
Entree Vous Open House October 24, 2007
Entre Vous November 2, 2007
Depot Street Market, June 2009
Depot Street Market - Decade of Success Nov 1, 2017

Thrift Shop

Thrift shop in new location, October 1999
Thrift shop, January 2009
New Law for Thrift Shop October 14, 2009
Duxbury Thrift Shop 4-22-2015
Duxbury Thrift & Consignment Shop Aug 9, 2017

Available in Library; please see Librarian for assistance:
South Shore Chamber of Commerce, A Century of Accomplishment, 1901 - 2001.
Business Directory and Catalogue of the Old Burying Ground, South Duxbury, no date