About Camp Blairhaven, March 1971
Camp Wing Begins its Summer Season, June 1950
Camp Wing Flora and Fauna, April 1998
Camp Wing Profile, October 2000
Camp Wing Property Plan Opens Land for Public Access, September 2000
Camp Wing to Host Children Affected By Events of Sept 11, July 2004
Camping at Camp Wing Since 1937
Chappa Challa Temporary Shelter Service and Camp for Youth, July 1971
Chappa Challas Nutcracker Suite Program, 1942
Creative Performance Program for College Students, August 1971
Enjoying Camp Wing, May 2004
Exterior Decorating at Camp Wing, May 2005
Kids Camps in the Area, April 2005
Letters from Chappa Challa, August 1971
Letters from Chappa Challa, Camp Begins, September 1971
Letters from Chappa Challa, July 1971
Letters from Chappa Challa, Raising Funds, August 1971
Letters from Chappa Challa, Sense of Community, July 1971
Letters from Chappa Challa, September 1971
Camp Chappa Challa, January 16, 1972
Millbern, New Director, Expects to Broaden Scope of Camp, April 1999
Photos of Camp Wing Wetlands, May 1998
Summer History Camp Encourages Adventures in Time, July 2006
Town Poised to Purchase Camp Wing after Much Deliberation, March 1998
Town Purchases Camp Wing Land and Three Other Open Space Lands, June 1998
Duxbury's Day Camps May 5, 1999

Camping at Wing Since 1937 April 5, 2006
Museum and Camp Wing team up, August 2007
Medford Student Dies at Camp Wing October 3, 2007
Girl Dies at Camp Wing October 5, 2007
K9 Training at Camp Wing November 11, 2009
Camp Wing touches lives, August 2010

Available in library: 1972 Sunday Herald Traveler article titled The Chappa Challa Experience