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The Parish Party, No Date
Triune Immersionists' Meetings at Ashdod No Date
The Unitarian Church Announces, Services, No Date
Story of the Construction of First Parish Church No Date
What Christmas Wasn't No Date
Pine Point Picnic, No Date
Waiting for the End; Duxbury Convention has been looking heavenward for 100 years, no date.pdf
A Brief History of the Unitarian Parish House, No Date

Letter to Friend Cushman, January 1843
Reprint from Boston Post story on Triune Immersionists, 1909
Address by Past Tileston Regarding Elder Brewster, August 1935Service Program of Rededication of First Congregational Parish, October 1940
Plymouth and Bay Conference at Firsh Parish, October 1940
First Parish Church a Duxbury Landmark, July 1950
Photos of Duxbury Houses of Worship, May 1952
Plan of Land for Roman Catholic Church August 10, 1955
History of Council of Churches February 9, 1956
End of World was Postponed, July 1961
Pilgrim Church, May 1965
High Street Church July 29, 1965
Fire Damages Nazarene, September 1965
Photo of Pilgrim Church in 1880s, August 1970
History of the Duxbury Council of Churches, January 1972
History of Council of Churches, February 1972
World did not end for Ashdod, September 1972
Photo of Congregational and Episcopal Churches in 1914, January 1973
Clipper Visits St. Margaret's August 14, 1980
Duxbury's Religious Legacy May 14, 1981
Displaced Persons of Miramar April 16, 1981
Clipper Visits Father Turke June 11, 1981
First Parish Church Holds 1832-Style Service, April 1982
First Parish Church Celebrates Founders Thanksgiving Weekend, October 1982
Linda Campbell Woodford, bell hanger, May 1983
St. Paul's Church Will Start Building March 21, 1985
Brief History of St Johns Episcopal Church, November 1989
Goblets Stolen from Pembroke Church Found at Duxbury Church, October 1995
Wind and Rain a Cause for Concern for Parishoners at Holy Family, January 1996
Holy Familys Steeple Wavers in High Winds, January 1996
Steeple Damage Prompts Holy Family Closing, January 1996
Steeple Displaced by Wind but Held by Baptist Bell, January 1996
Holy Family steeple removed, January 1996
High St United Methodist Church, February 1996
St Pauls Church of the Nazarene, March 1996
New Jewish congregation will be inclusive, June 1996
New Jewish Congregation Builds on Diversity, July 1996
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, July 1996
Duxburys Shirat Hayam Celebrates New Year in New Community, September 1996
Oldest Continuing Fair in Nation Continues at Unitarian Universalist Church, June 1998
The Bells of Duxbury, an Un-Tolled Story, December 1998
149th Fair at Duxbury Unitarian Universalish Church, June 1999
Summer Fair at First Parish, June 2000
Groundbreaking for High Street Methodist Church, April 2002
House consecrated as parsonage, High Street Church, May 2002
Rev Stephen Perry Retires as Pastor of St Pauls after 18 Years, May 2002
Final sermon for Rev. Walsh, January 2003
Photos of Duxbury Houses of Worship, April 2003
Rev Elizabeth Stevens retires from First Church after 18 Years, June 2003
First Parish Church Fair, June 2003
New Minister at First Parish Church May 12, 2004
Rev Cullen Begins Mniistry at First Parish after Career in Law, September 2004
Gregory Cerne forgiven by church, March 2005
Gregory Cerpe arraigned, March 2005
Photo of Holy Family Church and Flags at Half Mast, April 2005
The Three Bells of First Parish Church, January 2006
History of the bells of Duxbury, July 2006
Miramar Center offers solace, a place to retreat, September 2006
First Parish Church turns 375 years old, October 2007
Nine Mile Pilgrimage of First Parish Church October 19, 2007
First Parish members Help in New Orleans May 15, 2009
Cedar Hill Retreat Center, October 2009
Cedar Hill Retreat Center under new management, February 2010
St John memorial garden, July 2010
St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church 1-13-2016
First Parish Church History 2-10-2016
St. John's Choir from Dreamcoat reunites 20 years later 4-6-2016
Christian Science Church History in Duxbury 5-4-2016
Laotian Refugee Family Sponsored by Pilgrim Church Visits 11-16-2016
First Parish Church Organ Restoration Begins 1-18-2017

Available in Library: Plan of Land in Duxbury belonging to the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Boston, August 1955