Restriction of Land for Conservation No Date
Town Plans to Buy St Margarets Field, July 2000
Town Lands Open off Mayflower St, December 1984
An Introduction to Conservation Program, February 1970
Freshening Duxbury's Air September 27, 1989
Vote Set on Creation of Town Land Bank, September 1999
St. Margaret's Seeks to Preserve Property October 20, 1999
Conservation Restriction on Ocean Lot, No Date
Conservation Land Purchases Completed, January 1999
Community Preservation Act Drafted in State Senate, July 2000
DR&HS Hosts Lapham Woods Tour, July 2000
Duxbury's Greenbelts 2-18-2015
Duxburys History of Conservation Efforts, June 1987
To Conserve Uplands or Wetlands, May 1998
The Value of Conservation, May 1998
Land Conservation Debate, April 1998
Duxbury's Natural Legacy April 1, 1998
Three Acquisitions for Conservation Land, October 2001
Conservation Commission Activity, July 1974
Enjoying an Afternoon on the Town Bogs, September 1971
Financial Effects of Conservation, May 1998
Overpopulated Lapham Woods Cleared for Growth, June 2000
Pollution Patrol in Duxbury Waters, September 2002
Conservation Committee Report from 1909, July 1975
Conservation--Now or Never, No Date
Photos of Opening of Audubon and Town Land Trails, December 1984
Kay Foster Named Conservationist of the Year, June 1999
Chemicals Dumped at Howlands Landing, August 2001
Duxbury Votes to Buy Camp Wing, June 1998
Conservation Commissions Management Plan to Open Access to Land, October 1998
Conservation Commission Seeking Undeveloped Land, No Date
Land Bank Proposal Reviewed, September 1999
Preservation Pact Awaits Approval, August 1999
Land Acquisition Group Forms, March 2000
Conservation Restriction to Protect Eagles Nest Views, December 2001
Duxbury's Greenbelts 2-18-2015
Conservation land purchase 2-25-2015
Town Buys Merry Bogs 3-18-15
Winter Fish Kill 4-8-2015
South River Bog 4-15-2015
Vose-Silent Spring pt. 1 4-15-2015
Vose-Silent Spring pt. 2 4-22-2015
Duxbury's Osprey 4-22-2015
Maintaining Duxbury's Nature Trails 9-30-2015
Frederick B. Knapp's Vision 10-21-2015
Restoring the Herring Run 3-24-2016

Available in library:
Conservation Handbook for Duxbury, Mass by the Duxbury Conservation Commission
A Landowner's Guide to the Duxbury Conservation Program, prepared by The Duxbury Conservation Commission, 1972
Restriction of Land for Conservation article from the Duxbury Clipper, written by Attorney Donald Connors