Sexual predators moving into area, February 1999
Sexual predators at Bay Farm, March 1999
Undercover details at Bay Farm proving successul, May 1999

Robbery attempt, no date.pdf
Theft on Tobey Garden Street, January 2007
Duxbury man faces rape charges, June 2008
Attempted murder, hate crime charges against teen, June 2008
More trouble for beating suspects, August 2008
Good Friday robber caught, April 2010
Woman holds man at knifepoint, April 2010
Harbormaster vehicle stolen during chase, August 2010
Police chase through Powder Point area, August 2010
Thief all washed up, February 2011.pdf
Man attacks elderly Duxbury woman, February 2011.pdf
Former Duxbury man sentanced on fraud charge, April 22, 2011.pdf

Holiday Mail Theives 12-3-2014
Car Burglars 12-20-2014
Attempted murder 3-4-2015
Two Arrested on Heroin Charges 6-3-2015
Bottle Bomb Discovered 6-17-2015
Craigslist Con 7-15-2015
Car Crash Leads to Drug Arrest 8-26-2015
Man Arrested for FarFar's Break-in 8-26-2015
Duxbury Man Indicted for Theft 9-9-2015
Missing Teen Safe 11-25-2015
Stolen Smokes at Osborn's 12-16-2015
Bomb Threat at Duxbury Middle School 2-10-2016
Man indicted in fatal stabbing 2-24-2016
Duxbury Police Nab Heroin Dealer 3-2-2016
Shots fired; Gunman Tased 4-27-2016
Police pursue photo suspect 5-11-2016
Lincoln Street Theft Foiled 5-18-2016
Conviction in Drive-by Shooting 8-24-2016
Funeral Shooter Sentenced to Jail Time 8-31-2016
Taunton Man Arrested for Assault on Lincoln Street 10-12-2016
Carver Woman Bites Officer after Her Arrest June 7, 2017