Description - Different aspects of Duxbury

Disabilities Access - American with Disabilities Act as it applies to Duxbury structures.

Duxbury Bay - Natural resource shared by Duxbury, Kingston and Plymouth.

Duxbury Bay Maritime School - Community boating education established in 1997.

Duxbury Beach - Care, preservation and governance of 7 miles of barrier beach.

Duxbury Clipper - Local paper of record, established in 1950.

Duxbury Free Library - Established in 1890, currently occupies its third building.

Duxbury Free Library - Alden Project -

Duxbury Free Library - Expansion, 1967-1968 -

Duxbury Free Library - History -

Duxbury Free Library - Photos -

Duxbury Mariner - Local edition of widely distributed Mariner papers existed from 1996-1999.

Duxbury Performing Arts Center -

Duxbury Rural & Historical Society - Formed to "improve and ornament" the town in 1883. Continues its mission with the focus on the historical.

Duxbury Senior Center - Opened in 2001 on Mayflower Street.

Duxbury Student Union -