Duxbury Beach

Plan of Cottage Lots, July 1888
Reservation urged at beach, September 1928
House report on the act to establish division of parks, 1929
Draft of report of Duxbury Beach Committee, December 1930
Duxbury Beach Association report, January 1934
Beach Commitee Prooposal, May 1950
Proposed Bill to Make Duxbury a Public Resort, May 11, 1950
Random Notes of Duxbury Beach, September 14, 1950
Duxbury Beach Tales, October 5, 1950
Loneliness on Empty Beach, March 10, 1954
Duxbury's Clam Garden, December 8, 1955
Navy Plane Crash on Duxbury Beach, August 9, 1956
Erosion of beach, September 1965
Integrity of beach is threatened, November 1968
Conservation at High Pines, October 24, 1968
Half Century of Duxbury Beach, May 8, 1969


1888 House Lot Plan for Duxbury Beach, March 22, 1973
Duxbury Beach Full of History, May 1973
Beach Conservation (1), December 6, 1973
Beach Conservation (2), January 10, 1974
Beach Conservation (3), January 17, 1974
Beach Conservation (4), February 14, 1974
Grass planting a success, April 1974
Beach Conservation, April 1974
Lifeguard busy at beach, July 1974
Duxbury Beach pamphlet, July 1974
Beach conservation series, August 1974
Half Century of Duxbury Beach (1), November 28, 1974
Beach Conservation Officer Report, February 27, 1975
Beach Grass Planting in the 1800s, May 8, 1975
History of Duxbury Beach, June 1975
Fertilizing Beach Grass, June 12, 1975
Beach Conservation (5), June 19, 1975
History of Duxbury Beach, July 1975
Beach plant succession, August 1975
Beach Conservation, September 1975
Dune Destruction by People, December 25, 1975
Christmas tree beach conservation, February 1976
Barrier Beach at Duxbury, August 26, 1976
Sandgrabbing to prevent beach erosion, May 1977
Duxbury Beach Barrier Prevent Erosion May 1977
Sandgrabber beach erosion control, May 1977
Residents petition for dump clean-up, November 1977


Joys of Duxbury Beach, August 7, 1980
Duxbury Beach over the Years, July 31, 1980
Beach conservation officers, July 1982
Town struggles to maintain enviornment at popular beach, June 1987

Historic spots on Duxbury Beach, February 1991
Recollections of Duxbury Beach, December 1991
Historic Spots of Duxbury, August 1994
Proposed beach management plan will preserve and protect, March 1996
Beach plan draws raves, March 1996
Beach has a purpose, May 1996
Committee meeting on the beach, May 1996
Barrier Beach, May 1996
Editorial on beach access ramp and community, June 1996
Oversand wheelchair and access ramps, July 1996
Handicapped Can Access Duxbury Beach, July 1996
Beach ramp opened, July 1996
Photos of ribbon cutting ceremony, July 1996
Clounds Cover beach, August 1996
Summer at High Tide, August 4, 1996
Duffys on Ramp to Duxbury Beach, September 13, 1996
Bird Sightings at Duxbury Beach, November 27, 1996
Grass planting harmful to habitat, December 1996
Duxbury Beach Preservation Society, December 11, 1996
Powder Point Bridge Fog, February, 1997
Wendy Savlen planting Beach Grass, April 9, 1997
Sun, Clouds and Sea, June 28, 1997
Busy summer for the beach, July 1997
Fear of Ravages of the Sea, March 18, 1998
Beach Preservation Society newsletter, Spring 1998
Beach Grass Experiment for Duxbury, February 1999
Parking problems on Duxbury Beach, July 1999
Exploring Tidal Flats, July 18, 1999
The Origins of Duxbury Beach, parts I and II, August, September 1999


Beach Sticker Proposals, January 2000
Harbormasters Office, July 2000
Spring Visit to Duxbury Beach, April 11, 2001
Dog ban questioned, December 2001
Dog ban stays, January 2002
Q & A with animals regarding dog ban, January 2002
Town cannot afford to buy beach, February 2002
Q & A on dog ban, February 2002
Dog group now called BARC, February 2002
BARC will present proposal at meeting, February 2002
Group Works to Repeal Dog Ban, February 6, 2002
Selectmen drop dog ban, March 2002
Dog ban repealed, April 2002
Beach walker rules, April 2002
The waters of Duxbury Bay, August 2002
Tale of Two Journeys Part 1, August 2002
Bay in the Balance, August 21, 2002
Bay in the Balance (Part II), August 28, 2002
Bay in the Balance (Part III), September 4, 2002
Bay in the Balance (Part IV), Shorebirds, September 11, 2002
Beach Reservation report, February 2003
Annual Beach Grass Planting, April 9, 2003
Conservation Committee proposing limitations on beach use, July 2003
Seaweed Has Some Residents Seeing Red, July 16, 2003
Walks on Duxbury Beach, September 24, 2003
Debate over beach access, October 2003
Bay in the Balance, October 23, 2003
Beach Regulations Approved, November 2003
Status Quo on Beach Sticker Policy, November 19, 2003
Birds, tide force beach closing, June 2004
Swimming prohibited because of bacteria, July 2004
Photo of storm damage to fences, March 2005
Beach restoration, May 2005
Storm damage slows fence repair, June 2005
No Vendors on Beach, June 2005
What it takes to keep the beach open, February 2006
End of summer on the beach, September 2006
Beach Reservation report, November 2006
Duxbury Beach Book, April 2007
Use of fertilizer questioned, April 2008
New Building at Entrance to Duxbury Beach, May 14, 2008
Storm batters Duxbury beach, June 2009
New Harbormaster Shack on Beach, June 17, 2009
Photos of sand castles, July 2009
Shellfish Beds Closed, September 4, 2009
Agreement between USCG and Duxbury harbormaster, April 2010
Photos of 5K Duxbury Beach Race, August 2010
Yes, We are Losing Beach 4-20-2016
Movie Filming on the Beach 7-27-2016
Duxbury Beach Plays Role in Movie Shoot 8-31-2016
Film crew creates a hurricane at the beach Nov 1, 2017


Excelent Winter Duxbury Beach, no date
Photo of Long Bridge, Duxbury
Duxbury Beach Stats, No Date
Letter to Duxbury Beach Assoc. from Beach Commitee, No Date
Keeping Watch from Ramp at Duxbury Beach, No Date
Henry Dunphy with Horseshoe Crab, No Date
Unwarranted Discrimination, No Date
American Flag at Duxbury Beach, No Date
Committee to Explore Beach Access, No Date
Beach road proposal aired, no date
Duxbury Beach by Duxbury Beach Commission, no date
Beach Is Summer Classroom, No Date
Barrier Beaches Q & A, No Date

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