Duxbury Free Library - Alden Project

Alden Library Project Q&A with Trustees, No Date
Preliminary Plans for Library Renovation, No Date
Photo of Bornheirmer, on Development Committee, at Town Meeting, No Date
Alden Library Renovation on Track, No Date
Town Meeting Anxiety of Library Trustee, No Date
French Memories and Duxbury Library Strike a Deal, No Date
Information of Article 10 in Duxbury Town Meeting, No Date
Letters to the Editor by Library Project Manager and Trustee Chairman, No Date
Library Dedication Planned, No Date
Library Will No Longer be Crowded Place, No Date
Town Celebrates $2.1 Million Grant and Opportunity to Build New Library, No Date
Alden Library Project Expects Major Grants, September 1994
Grants Could Pay 40% of Cost of Move, October 1994
Selectmen Want Override Vote on Debt Exclusion, January 1995
Brief History of the Library, Editorial in Support of Alden Project, February 1995
Trustees Push for Move, Led by Woodworth, February 1995
Duxbury Voters Vote Yes on New Library, March 1995
Editorial for Alden Library Project by Supporters, March 1995
Letters to the Editor Concerning Alden Library Project, March 1995
Town Debt Service Grant Award contains Contingent Provision, March 1995
Photo of Party to Support Library Project, March 1995
Summary of Town Meeting Articles, March 1995
Editorials For and Against Alden Library Project, March 1995
Taxpayer Issues Corner, Alden Library Project, March 1995
Library Move to Upper Alden Approved, March 1995
Editorial, Library Grant Product of Hard Work, Dedication, July 1995
Library Project Underway with $2.1 Million State Grant, July 1995
Library Awarded Necessary $2.1 Million, July 1995
David Kispert Honored at New Library with Room, June 1996
Town Library Hears Construction Bids, June 1996
Library Construction Bids are Below Estimates, July 1996
Penny Harvest Project will Raise Money for Children's Room, July 1996
Attorney General Rules that Town Properly Awarded Construction Bid, September 1996
Attorney General Supports Town on Decision of Construction Bid, September 1996
Library Project Officially Launched, Photos, October 1996
Familiar Names of Donors Adorn New Library, November 1996
Library Construction Underway on $6.3 Million Project, November 1996
Work Begins on Dormant Upper Alden Building, November 1996
New Library Offers More Space, February 1997
Photo of Upper Alden Building Under Renovation, February 1997
Photo of Renovations to Alden Upper Building, September 1997
Library Transfer from Selectmen to Trustees Delayed, October 1997
Library Dedication 10 Years in Making, November 1997
Official Opening of New Town Library, Photos, November 1997
Library Opening is Cause to Celebrate, November 1997
Library Project a Community Effort, November 19, 1997
Bookstore Cafe Combinations are a Hit, January 1998
French Memories Cafe opens in Library, January 1998
Library Beaming after First Year, November 1998