Duxbury Rural & Historical Society

DRHS brochure, no date
Archeological Dig, No Date
History of DRHS, November 1950
Society started in November 1883, November 1950
Preserving Duxbury's Heritage, May 27, 1965
DRHS plans to buy King Caesar house, April 1965
DRHS in King Caesar House, December 1966
Principal Land Holdings, February 1970
Excerpts from DRHS annual report, January 1974
Wharf a gift from Dr. Bumpus, May 1974
Summer Programs, June 27, 1974
Schedule for summer season, June 1975
Accomplishments of Rural and Historical Society, October 23, 1975
In Appreciation of Garvin Bawden, February 1977
DRHS new lantern logo, April 1980
DRHS featuring Ford's Store exhibit, May 1980
King Caesar House, May 29, 1980
Sarah Wingate Taylor, June 26, 1980
Sabina Crosby, November 1982
Village Improvement Society, May 19, 1983
Centennial notes, June 1983
Essay contest winners, June 1983
Centennial Celebration Opens, June 1983
Hundred Year Anniversary, June 2, 1983
Mapping Duxbury's Treasures, November 29, 1989
Historic preservation roundtable discussion, April 1996
Nostalgic Notes, May 8, 1996
Nostalgic Notes from Edwin Noyes, May 15, 1996
Marsha Solberg, New Director, November 7, 1996
Clipper Visits Marcia Solberg, December 4, 1996
DRHS to restore Winsor house, November 1997
Sale of Nathaniel Winsor House, October 22, 1997
Historical Society Moving, November 28, 1997
Purchase of Nathaniel Winsor House, January 1998
DRHS awarded grant to purchase Nathaniel Winsor House, March 1998
Patrick Browne named new director, November 1998
Closed door meeting questioned, December 1998
Access Board Urged to Deny Lift, December 31, 1998
Statement by DRHS President July Hall, January 1999
Members for an Open Society formed, January 1999
Call for open society, January 1999
One year after opening of Nathaniel Winsor House, February 1999
Roundabout Duxbury historical tour, July 1999
DRHS Postcards for sale, July 1999
Discontent within Historical Society, August 23, 1999
DRHS Annual Chowder Supper, September 1999

Spring Lectures, April 26, 2000

Spring lectures, May 2000
DRHS gets new home, October 2000
Lecture on King Caesar's Fleet, May 2002
DRHS wins award for publication, June 2002
Pilgrim interpreters will be at Clark's Island, July 2002
First known photo of King Caesar found, December 2003
Maritime History Symposium, March 10, 2004
Bob Hale lecture kicks off DRHS project, April 2005
DRHS announces latest book, King Caesar of Duxbury, October 2005
DRHS acquires silver piece crafted in 1930s, June 2006
Sneak peek at Wright Building, September 2006
Grand opening of Wright Building, September 2007
Grand opening of Wright Building, September 2007
Wright Building officially open, September 2007
Sandy Earle Retiring, September 11, 1996
AutumnFest, October 2008
Residents can help with archeological dig, October 2008
Patrick Browne, December 2008
DRHS lead archeological dig, August 2009
Duxbury's Role in Civil War, May 6, 2011
Clothing from the Duxbury Rural and Historical Society Collection, 2012
Hall's Corner History Tour 9-23-20
Drew Archival Library turns 10 Sep 20, 2017