Growth & Development - Planning and managing pressures of development

Addition to Train Field and High School Grounds, 1937
Selectmen Set Goals for Duxburys Future, No DateGraph of Expenses v. Receipts 1945-1955, March 1955
Duxbury Growth Slow and Painless, July 7, 1963
South Shore Offers the Best, 1965 Reprint, June 1965
Vagrant Thoughts on Rural Duxbury, May 1966
Editorial, Our Town is Growing, November 1970
A Fight to Maintain Character Amidst Pronounced Expansion, July 1971
Duxbury and the Negotiated Land, a Report by the Land Use Study Committee, 1973
Editorial, History of Residential Zoning in Duxbury, December 1973
The Town that Said No to No Growth, December 1973
Census Population Statistics, 1982
Duxbury Beckons to Young and Affluent, March 1982
Hometown by the Sea, April 11, 1987
Editorial, Duxbury Planning, April 1996
Residents Agree to Preserve Town Character, May 1996
Survey Results Reflect Desire to Preserve Small Town Charm, May 1996
Residents Voice Concerns Over Growth Projection, May 1999
Residents Would Prefer Duxbury to Remain as is, June 1996
Commentary, Demolition Delay Bylaw Needed to Preserve History, July 1996
Locals Lead in Preservation, July 17, 1996
Editorial, Duxbury Planning, September 1996
Editorial, Planning Board to Hold Hearing on Decision to Overhaul Reg. for Subdivided Land, October 1996
Editorial, Duxbury Planning, October 1996
Selectmen Get Draft of Town Planning for Next Century, January 1997
Selectment Plan for Implementing Land and Recreation Goals, February 1997
Selectmen Set Goals for Future, April 9, 1997
Selectmen Adopt Plan to Guide Duxbury into 21st Century, July 1997
Duxbury Experienced Building Boom in 1997, December 1997
Planning Board Is not Alarmed at Projection for Population to Double, August 1999
Building Changes Numerous, September 1999
Commentary, It is Fashionable to Plan Again, September 1999
History of Ezra Weston IIs Cow Barn, c. 1809, April 2000
Questions Arise Over Board to Boost Affordable Housing, April 2000
Who Can Afford to Live in Duxbury, September 6, 2000
A Question of Density, Is Duxbury Bay too Crowded, October 2002
Webster Point Agreement Reached, October 8, 2003
Cardboard Village Revisited, August 2004
Zoning board compromises; Upholds decision on River Lane guest house, with conditions, January 2011.pdf

Available at the library:
Photocopy of December 1973 issue of House & Home, McGraw-Hill's marketing and management publication of housing and light construction.
Duxbury and the Negotiated Landscape, 1973
Duxbury Planning Board preliminary study of the addition to Train Field and high school grounds, January 1938