Carl Nelson Exhibits Paintings in One Man Show, January 1969

Seven Prominent Artists Exhibit Work, March 1969

Group Exhibition Opens, Includes Works of Lillie, Iso Papa, Barbara Swan, March 1969

Seven Widely Known Artists Share Exhibit at Gallery, April 1969

BU Students Exhibit and Lecture, May 1969

Local Artists Exhibit, July 1969

Smith College Loan Exhibit Features Whistler, Bloom, Blakelock, others, August 1969

Whistler on Exhibit in Gallery from Loan of Smith College, August 1969

Duxbury Artist Leo Prince on Exhibit, September 1969

Children's Art Exhibit, September 24, 1969

Leo Prince Exhibit, October 1, 1969

Three Paintings Stolen from Leo Prince Exhibit, October 1969

Stolen Painting of Leo Prince, October 9, 1969

Photographic Exhibition Entitled Man and Nature Featured, March 1970

Ture Bengtz Delivers Talk with his Art Exhibition, April 1970

Ture Bengtz, Finnish Painter, to Exhibit, April 1970

Bengtz exhibit opens, April 1970

Zerbe, former Head of Department of Painting in MFA School, is Master Painter, June 1970

Karl Zerbe, Professor at Florida State, Exhibits Paintings, June 1970

Fannie Hillsmith Exhibits Highly Original Work, July 1970

Gay Youse Exhibits Oil Paintings following Samuel Chamberlain Photographic Exhibition, November 1970

George Lockwood, founder of Impressions Workshop, Exhibits, March 1971

Under-21 Show at Library Accepting Submissions, April 1971

Duxbury Resident Robinson Murray Exhibits Following Under-21 Show, May 1971

Robinson Murray Exhibits Paintings, Photo of Portrait, September 1971

19th c. Painter Charles Burleigh, Jr. Exhibition, September 1971

Iso Papomet, Yugoslavian Artist and Professor at BU, Exhibits, October 1971

Photo of Children in Gay Youses Art Class, December 1971

Lithograph Etchings of Richard Ziemann on Display, January 1972

Annual Under-21 Show, May 1972

Retrospective Exhibition of the Paintings of Marjorie Bush-Brown, June 1972

Bush-Brown and Young Adult Exhibitions, June 1972

19 Artists Share Exhibit for League of Independent Artists, July 1972

Framed Reproductions of Art Works are Available for Borrow, July 1972

Calvin Burnett and Art Wood Exhibit, Both Professors of Art, September 1972

John Forgit Exhibit, Photographs of Old New England, September 1972

Art Exhibit Opens with Lillie Show, November 1972

Lloyd Lillie Exhibit Sculptures to Much Acclaim, November 1972

Photo of Lloyd Lillie and Gay Youse with a Lillie Sculpture, November 1972

Lloyd Lillie Exhibit, One-Man Sculpture, November 1972

Abstract Artists Share Print Exhibit in Gallery, January 1973

Michael Tulysewski Exhibition, New Art Reproductions Available for Checkout, June 1973

Nina Bohlen Exhibition, October 1973

Nina Bohlen Exhibition, Gay Youse Art Lessons, November 1973

Childrens Art on Display, December 1973

Paintings and Drawings of Bernice Marcus on Exhibit, January 1974

Review of Ellen Sinclairs Watercolor Exhibit, June 1974

Marianna Pineda Sculptures on Exhibit, September 1974

Prints and Drawing of Harold Tovish, Acclaimed Artist and Professor, on Exhibit, November 1974

Jean and Frank Tock Sculptures and Paintings on Exhibit, May 1975

Pre-Historic Quality Illuminated in Jean and Frank Tocks Sculptures, June 1975

Duxbury Artist Virginia Pyle Exhibits Paintings and Pastels, June 1975

Kenneth Nelson Exhibits Paintings, Watercolors, and Drawings, October 1975

Art Exhibit Displays 25 Local Artists Selected by Jack Wolfe, January 1976

Renee Rubin Paintings Exhibited at Library, March 1976

19th c. American Paintings on Exhibit, June 1976

Portraits by Jack Wolfe on Exhibit, Photo of Double Portrait, August 1976

Philip Marcus to Show Recent Work, February 1977

Gay Youse, Gallery Director, April 19, 1989

5 Painters and One Photographer Share Exhibit, June 1997

Virginia Avery opening, September 1997

Virginia Averys Gardens and Grapevines Opens, September 1997

Harriet Fishman Exhibits Paintings and Drawings, November 1997

Books Share Space with Art at Duxbury Free Library, December 1997

Mary Lopiccolo Exhibits Watercolors, April 1998

Deni Johnson reception, January 1999

Josey Wright Exhibits her Etchings and Oil Paintings, April 2000

Disabled Students Aged 7-22 Exhibit, July 2000

Patricia McCarthy Exhibits Watercolors, August 2000

Mary Felton Exhibits Recent Charcoal Drawings, January 2001

Photo of Sculpture by Artist Andrew Kusmin, April 2001

DHS art show opening, April 2001

Nancy Webb Exhibit, Drawing and Prints, May 2001

Nancy Webb Exhibits Drawing and Prints, May 2001

Selected Works Exhibited, September 2002

Becky Haletky Exhibits New Works in Watercolor, October 2002

Nancy Howell Exhibits Real and Imaginary Works, December 2002

T. Nickolas Phakos Exhibits Watercolors, July 2003

T. Nickolas Phakos Exhibit, Watercolors, August 2003

Lilly Cleveland Exhibits Fall Harvest Works, October 2003

Lauren Harman Exhibit, Paintings, Drawing, Prints, January 2004

Martha Scott Exhibit, Childs Play, February 2004

Kathy Ferrara Exhibit, Blue Gingham and Company Watercolors, April 2004

Jane Flavell Collins Exhibit, March 23, 2005

DRHS Organize Historic Photographs of Duxbury Exhibit at Library, June 2007

Katherine Smit Exhibits Portraits, Still Lifes, and Landscape Paintings, November 2004

Elizabeth Pratt Exhibits Watercolors, October 2007

Duxbury Children Display Work, No Date

Elegant Dome of Gallery, No Date