History - Settlement of Duxbury and beyond

Revolutionary War guard from West Street, February 2007
Fort Andrew and the War of 1812, Parts 1 and 2, June, July 2007
The Story of Fort Standish, September 2007
Duxburys early settlers, November 2009
Job Cole, an early settler of Duxbury, April 2010
World War I monument, May 2010
Prehistoric find in Duxbury, July 2010
Duxbury's early settlers; The Henry Howland grant, July 2010.pdf
Duxbury's early settlers; William Palmer and the Partridge Family, September 2010.pdf
Duxbury brochure from DRHS, October 2010
Mass Memories Road Show at library, October 2010
Duxbury's Early Settlers; Peter Browne part 2, December 2010.pdf
Duxbury's early settlers Pilgrim Henry Samson, June 2011.pdf
Duxbury's early settlers; Henry Samson, July 2011.pdf
Duxbury's early settlers; John Washburn, September 2011.pdf
Duxbury's early settlers; John Washburn part 2, September 2011.pdf
Duxbury's early settlers; John Washburn part 3, November 2011.pdf
George Soule Powder Point
History, Kingston Nook 7-23-2014
Land Swaps in Duxburrow Kingston
Stephen Tracey and the Loring Family - Duxbury History 10-1-14
Holmes-Biddle Land Grant - Miramar 3-4-2015
Duxbury's Trails and Land Divisions 10-14-2015
Green's Harbor Path 11-25-2015
Of Plymouth Plantation Part II - Holland and the Mayflower 9-28-2016
Captain Amaso Delano's Adventures with a Slave Ship 3-1-2017
Tony Kelso speaks on the 1890s in Duxbury June 7, 2017
Duxbury Fourth of July - 1850 Style July 5, 2017
The Day the Cable Landed July 12, 2017
Duxbury's 1st and 2nd Land Divisions July 12, 2017
Littletown - A Mystery Aug 30, 2017
Duxbury History, Littletown - the Glass Farm Nov 29, 2017