North Hill - Municipal golf course

Article to protect land invalid, no date
Effects to the Environment at North Hill, No Date
Acrimonious Debate on North Hill Expansion, No date
History of Duxbury, North Hill, March 22, 1956
Clubhouse to be remodeled, June 1973
Story of North Hill, April 18, 1990
History of North Hill, February 1995
Health board fears damage to aquifer, February 1995
Commentary on aquifer protection, March 1995
Commentary on economic feasability, March 1995
Commentary on expansion, March 1995
Commentary on long range planning, March 1995
Letter to editor, vote no, March 1995
Reasons to vote no on Article 11, no date
Selectmen support expansion, March 1995
Editorial on expansion, March 1995
Article 11, March 1995
Rebuttal to North Hill committee, March 1995
Letters to the editor, Duxbury Reporter, March 1995
Letters to the editor, March 1995
Town meeting rejects expansion, March 1995
Expansion plans fail, March 1995
New manager plans changes, October 1995
Walking North Hill, May 1996
Record revenue for the year, November 1996
Golf fee increase proposed, December 1996
Hearing on fees continued, December 1996
Walking North Hill Sanctuary, June 1997
Expansion on target, October 1999
Managers in violation of contract, August 2000
New policy angers golfers, January 2004
Doug Johnson delivers letter to Selectmen, February 2010
Johnson Golf violated contract, October 2010
Golf contract terminated, October 2010
Town and golf company argue over contract, October 2010
Golf company has to vacate, November 2010
Discover Duxbury - North Hill Country Club 7-27-2016
Town Settles Troy Case on North Hill Contract 8-3-2016