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Edward Barnard "Barney"- service station owner

Remembering 'Barney,' January 2003.pdf

Lansing Bennett- conservationist

Terrorist guilty in CIA attack Duxbury doctor was killed, November 1997.pdf
A salute to the spy who saved a New England town, November 1997.pdf
Remembering an old friend, March 2005.pdf
Article 22 Lansing Bennett, Town Meeting March 2005.pdf
Presentation of Article 22, Town Meeting March 2005.pdf
Woods renamed for Former Doctor, October 2005.pdf

William Brewster- town elder

Elder William Brewster's Homestead and the Brewster lilacs, no date.pdf
Rooted in Tradition, no date.pdf
William Brewster, Biography Resource Center, 2002.pdf
Bradford's History of the Plymouth Plantation relates in full the story of the Pilgrims, 1985.pdf

Rachel Carson- scientist

The Deadly Dust; The unhappy history of DDT, February 1971.pdf
Observations, Silent Spring, April 1977.pdf
Rachel Louise Carson, Contemporary Authors, November 2002.pdf
Silence of the birds and mosquitoes, September 2005.pdf
Earth mother Rachel Carson, September 2005.pdf

John Cutler- publisher

The Story Behind 'Tips on Writing,' October 1981.pdf
John H. Cutler dead at 88, September 1998.pdf
Clipper editor remember, September 1998.pdf
Memorial service for John Henry Cutler, September 1998.pdf

Mel Dyer - Policeman

Obituary; Melvin E. Dyer, September 2008.pdf

Mary Livermore- social reformer

Notes on Mary A. Livermore Autobiography, no date.pdf
Mary Livermore; The Story of my Life, 1899.pdf

Rev. Canon Robert Merry- minister

A near miss at a Harvard education, December 1985.pdf
Obituary; Rev. Canon Robert Merry, March 2001.pdf

George Partridge- educator

George Partridge; teacher, soldier, statesman, April 1983.pdf

John Pyne- WWII veteran

Obituary; John Pyne, June 2007.pdf

Wayne Rapier- musician

Oboist still enjoys performing his music, April 1997.pdf
Plymouth orchestra triumphs in final spring fling, April 1997.pdf

Cid Ricketts Sumner- author

Cid Ricketts Sumner, Wilson Biograpies, 2002.pdf

Ruth Wakefield- inventor of the Toll House cookie
Ruth Wakefield interviewed, August 1975.pdf
A Tribute to Ruth Wakefield, January 1977.pdf

Dorothy Wentworth- historian

Historian speaks on Tinkertown, January 1970.pdf
In Memorian; Dorothy Wentworth, December 1998.pdf

Weston family- shipping

In Memorium; Hon. George Bradford Weston and Deborah Brownell Weston, 1916.pdf
Ezra Weston of Duxbury, December 1979.pdf
Who is it, April 1999.pdf

Gay Youse- artist

Obituary; Gay Youse, August 1994.pdf
Mounting a tribute to Gay Youse, February 1998.pdf
Art Complex Museum Tribute to Gay Youse, 1998.pdf

Duxburians come from all walks of life. Listed above is a sample of 10 people who have lived, worked or visited Duxbury in its long history. From founding families to service station owners, from police officer to historian, they have all made contributions to our town.