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Last name: G's

Richard P Gallagher Obituary Mar 14, 2018
David Lee Gardner, Jr., Obituary Aug 30, 2017
Obituary, Phoebe Ladelle Garnjost, July 2007
Ligaya Garran Clipper Visit 7-29-2015
Obituary Robert Patrick Garrity, April 2011
Bob Gately, August 1997
Shawn M. Gearin Obituary Aug 30, 2017
Pauline Geishecker Obituary February 2015
Glenn Ghidoni Obituary Sep 13, 2017
Margaret E. - Peg - (Gorham) Gibson Obituary Nov 9, 2016
Mark G. Gibson Obituary 2-15-2017
Henry J. (Hank) Gieseler Obituary Aug 23, 2017
Article by Mary Gifford, No Date
Rosamond Gifford obituary, July 1997
Mary Katherine Gilbert Obituary November 2014
Faith Etoll Gill Obituary 2-22-2017
Dante J. Gilmore Obituary November 2014
Clipper Visits Nancy Glass, February 11, 1982
Yankee Peddler Charles Gleason, July 18, 1973
Michael James Glynn, WWI vet, October 2010
Monsignor William Glynn obituary 3-18-2015
Msgr. William Glynn Great Loss 3-18-15
Concert pianist Howard Goding, April 1980
Jim Goldenberg Alternative Energy Committee 8-5-2015
Looking back; Duxbury's George Goldstein reflects on his role in founding of temple, August 2011
Marissa Gomer, local ballerina, October 1999
Remembering Benjamin Goodrich, May 28, 2008
Visit with Natalie Goodrich 2-24-2016
Beatrice Gormley, author, from Gale Group, 2002
JoAnn Gouzoules Obituary 9-16-2015
John Govan Obituary September 10 2014
Hamish Gravem Obituary 5-11-2016
Douglas Mintie Gray, Jr. Obituary Apr 26, 2017
Linda M. (Sullivan) Gray Obituary 4-12-2017

Clipper Visits Cissy Greenbaum, December 4, 2002
A visit with Megan Greenstein May 4, 2011
John Gregorian in Duxbury, February 2002
Tom Groux, Town Manager, August 1997
Leslie Davis Guccione, author, printed from Gale Group, 2002
Mary Guillemin Obituary 8-26-2015
Clipper Visits Bob Gunnarson, July 17, 1980
Eliza Ann Gustavson Obituary 2-10-2016

Last name: H's

Spencer Hale, Eagle Scout

Hale, Robert
Robert Hale in South Shore Business Review, 1989
Robert Hale, author, printed from Gale Group, 2002

Hall, Parker
Parker Hall, Master Mariner, May 1975
Captain Parker Hall, November 1980

Alexandra Hallowell Duxbury woman studies in Turkey, August 2011
David Hammond Obituary 5-18-2016
Doris Handy, November 2009
Clipper Visits Helen Hanigan, June 26, 1980
Pansy Mae Hansen Obituary Jan 10, 2018
Elizabeth Hardwick, author, printed from Gale Group, 2002

Edward Linclon Hardy Obituary Oct 18, 2017

Robert Harhen Obituary 12-21 -2016

Polly Harrington, November 24, 1977

Ann Harris Obituary 11-23-2016

Bill Harris A closer look, May 6, 2011

Clipper Visits Priscilla Harris, December 10, 1981
Priscilla Harris Obituary 7-15-2015

Louis Harrison turns 100, June 1965
Jessica Hart Obituary September 3, 2014
William Colombot Hart Obituary Aug 2, 201
Jim Hartford; Duxbury attorney named ti Atlantic Symphony Board, February 2011

Hatfield, Juliana
Juliana Hatfield, April 1995
Singer, songwriter Juliana Hatfield, December 2002
Juliana Hatfield at DFL, February 2009

Kathleen E. Harvey Obituary 3-8-2017

Edwin Heap Obit January 2015
Dianne Hearn honored, June 2003
Scott Hecker wins Visionary Award, March 1999
Clipper Visits Marie Heiblinger, August 7, 1980
John Heinstadt, School Committee 7-29-2015
A visit with John Heinstadt 4-27-2016

Dr. W. Hardy Hendren, April 2008
Nate Henn Activist who visited Duxbury killed, July 2010.pdf
Emily L. Richardson Hewitt Obituary Mar 28, 2018
Emmy Hewitt, February 2007
David Higgins Obituary 8-3-2016
George Higgins, no date
Helen Hill, September 1995
Grace Hirst Obituary 12-23-2015
Thom Holdgate names Director of the Year, March 2010
Margaret L. Holmes Obituary Dec 3, 2018
Denise Hopkins obituary, June 2010
Jeannie Horne, Personnel Administrator, September 24, 2008
Mary G. Horton, 90 Obituary Apr 19, 2017
Hovey family on The Learning Channel, February 2007
Rev Hovey and family on The Learning Channel, February 2007
Franklin Hoyt obituary, January 2010
Gordon Hubbard in Memoriam, April 2004
Goodbye Kitty Hubbard, June 10, 2009
R E Hughes, author, printed from Gale Group, 2002
Francine Ann Hundley Obituary 3-15-2017
Laurie Hunter, Assistant Superintendent 7-1-2015

Last name: I's

Elizabeth Hathaway Ims (ne Bourns) Obituary October 2014

Last name: J's

Officer Jamali - the New Student Resource Officer 9-18-2016

Jan, Razia
Razia Jan Bringing Light to Afghan Girls no date
Razia Jan's 9.11 Quilt, September 10, 2003
Razia Jan's Trip to Pentagon, September 17, 2003
Razia Jan is a woman of excellence, October 2007
Razia Jan, March 2010
Razia Jan gives update on Zabuli School, October 2010
An amazing woman, Razia Jan, March 11, 2011
Razia Jan comes to town- drop by drop, September 2011
Razia Jan - Zabuli School 2-11-2015
Razia Jan Update 7-15-2015
Razia Jan - It Takes a Village 11-9-2016

Rick Jakaus, December 1996

Arthur W. Janick Obituary March 2013
Roger Jarvis, October 1980

Obituary, Virginia Roberts Jenkins, December 2007
Arthur Johnson Obituary 7-1-2015
Deni Johnson, photographer, January 1999
James Johnson Obituary 8-26-2015
Jessica Johnson-Ormiston Obituary 1-4-2017

Johnson, Ronald
Colonel Ronald Johnson, April 2003
Ronald Johnson speaks about veterans, May 2007

Last name: K's

Sam Kalil, Builder, October 7, 2009

A visit with Harry Katz, April 2011
Harry Katz Gone at Age 68 3-29-2107
Harold (Harry) Katz Obituary 3-29-2017
Harry Katz - When a Light Goes Out 4-12-2017

Phyllis Katz Obituary 12-16-2015

Robert Joseph Kavanaugh Obituary 2-22-2017

Kathleen M. Driscoll Kazanowski Obituary 9-28-2016

Sam Keith, author, printed from Gale Group, 2002

Walter (Terry) Keleher Obituary 11-4-2015

Pat Kelly, spelling bee winner, no date

Brendan Kane Keohan, II Obituary 2-15-2017

Charles Killian Obituary 4-1-2015

Barbara Ann Healey Killian Obituary Apr 19, 2017

Donald I. King Obituary Dec 27, 2017

Art Kirby, April 2002

Alberta Kirkpatrick Obituary 9-21-2016

Jen Klein Super mom juggles family, writing and activism too, March 2011

Frederick B. Knapp Memoriam, No Date
Frederick Bradford Knapp, April 1988
Frederick B. Knapp's Vision 10-21-2015

Jeffrey Knight, May 2008

Ann (Wells) Kopke Obituary 3-15-2017

Walther Kopke obituary, December 2002

Clarence Kylander, August 2008