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Last name: L's

Mary Beth Ladd, May 2003

Edith LaGreca Obituary July 2014

Eli LaGreca Obituary 12-23-2015

Lambert, Brittany
Bone Marrow Drive for Brittany Lambert, July 17, 1996
Brittany's Donor Match Falls Through, December 18, 1996
Brittany Lambert loses battle with blood disease, October 1998
Stephanie Carlson receives Brittany Lambert Rainbow Award, June 1999
Brittany Lambert, October 1999

Mary Lampert Courage of Conscience 4-8-15
Mary Lampert Urges Potassium Iodide Pills, February 13, 2000

Thomas Lanman obituary and tribute, September 1996

Laramee, Steven
Steven Laramee remembered, September 2007
Steven Laramee obituary, September 2007

W. Ronald LaRocque Obituary June 14, 2017

David Larson, tennis instructor, no date

Comedy, with a side of salsa; interview with Kelly and Norm Laviolette, July 2011

Margaret Lawson obituary, October 2010

Frances Leach obituary, September 2007

LeBart, Frank
Frank LeBart honored for service, June 1999
Frank LeBart obituary, March 2009

Grace LeBart

Kathryn Lehman Obituary 4-15-2015

Carl Leighton retires, October 2008

Stephen W. Lenhardt, Jr., Obituary 3-15-2017

A visit with Chuck Leonard, August 2011

Author David Levin, from Gale Group, 2002

Brian Lies July 2014

Richard Lim, an academic success, June 1999

Polly Litchfield, September 2002

Livermore, Mary
Notes from Mary Livermore autobiography, no date

The Story of My Life, Mary Livermore, 1974

1844 Romance - Daniel & Mary Livermore 11-16-2016

Lloyd, Carson
Carson Lloyd select to perform in prestigious concert no date
Carson Lloyd Violinist to Perform at Conference no date

Longo, Rocco
Town manager Rocco Longo, April 2004
Longo picked as Marshfield's new town administrator, January 2008

Brian Love on The Price is Right, May 2007

Arlene Lovell Obituary Feb 14, 2018

Robert Lowell article from Gale Group, printed 2002

David Lowry, vineyard owner, November 2005

Rita Emma Luckey obituary, April 2009

Rosslyn Lyell Obituary 12-2-2015

James Lyng, assistant superintendent, June 1996

Last name: M's

Sarah Mac, January 2005

Wallace Macaulay Obituary 4-22-2015

Shirley A. MacCormack Obituary Dec 27, 2017

Martha MacDonald obituary, September 2010

Richard MacDonald the consumate professional, February 2011

Eleanor MacIver Obituary Jan 31, 2018

Mackin, Peter
Peter Mackin interview, September 2009
Peter Mackin new water superintendent, September 2009
Aidan Macleod obituary 7-29-2015
Anne Webster Macleod Obituary November 2014
Duxbury's Beth MacLeod Largent featured as vocalist, May 2011
Janet MacLeod Obituary 11-9-2016

Margery MacMillan obituary January 2015

John Madden retiring in '18 Sep 13, 2017

Magnuson, Gary
School Committee Chairman Gary Magnuson, May 2011
A visit with Gary Magnuson Chairman of the School Committee, June 2011

Patrick Malley Obituary 2-17-2016

Robert Malone Obituary 4-13-2016

Philip Markella, February 2010

Lynn Marples awarded MMEA Advocate award, April 2010

Joseph V. Marrocco Obituary Nov 1, 2017

Duxbury Postmaster Karen Marques 5-25-2016

Albert L. Marshall, Jr. Obituary Dec 27, 2017

Ruby Osborn Marshall Obituary July 12, 2017

Elsa Marston article from Gale Group, printed 2002

Diane Mason 3-11-2015

Obituary, Kenneth Matson, February 2008

Molly Matson obituary, October 2010

Pamela Mattern Obituary -7-20-2016

Ed Mayo founds Snug Harbor Sails, October 2003

Tracy Mayo, health agent for Duxbury, March 2010

Mary McBain obituary, May 2002

John F.W. McCaig obituary, February 2007

John McCarty obituary, May 2007

Barbara McClosky, January 2002

Barbara McClosky Obituary 3-25-2015

Nancy Beth McCormick Obituary 3-1-2017

Patrick Ryan McDonough Obituary Apr 26, 2017

Paul McDonough Obituary 5-13-2015

Helen McGahan Obituary 5-18-2016

Betty P. McGill Obituary Jan 3, 2018

Mickey McGonagle retires, December 2007

Erin McGough Director of DRHS 6-24-2015

Joseph McGrath, Jr., Obituary Aug 16, 2017

Robin MacCloskey McInnis Obituary Oct 11, 2017

McKinley Family July 2014

Chief Henry McNeil, May 1975

Josephine Chiero McNeil Obituary October 2014

Stanley Mercer, jeweler, August 2002

Harriet Harrison Merry obituary, June 2007

H.E. Merry celebrates 90th birthday, April 1966

John Merry obituary, June 2007

Reverend Canon Robert Merry, in memoriam, March 2001

Stan Merry The Merry Dam, September 2003

Stan Merry Centennial Celebration 5-20-2015

Stanley Merry Obituary 10-7-2015

William Neal Merry Obituary May 24, 2017

Edward Michaud Obituary 4-15-2015

Linda Hall Miller Obituary May 24, 2107

Will Miller named to US Rowing Team, August 2009

Henry Milliken, Jr., Obituary 7-22-2015

Henry and Sheila Milliken, June 2008

Sheila Inglis Milliken Obituary Oct 18, 2017

Dorothy E. Mills Obituary 6-10-2015

David Mittell Obituary 6-3-2015

Morris, Holly
Holly Morris named to PCWT Board, no date
Holly Morris, February 2002
Holly Morris, February 2008

Michael Morse, Olympic skiier, February 2010

David Murphy obituary, October 2009
James Murphy retires from public service, April 1997

Jeremiah Murphy obituary, December 2008

A Visit with John Murphy November 2011

John Murphy Doo Wop Shop January 2015

Meredith Murphy, January 2003

Paul Murphy article from Gale Group, printed 2002

Robinson Murray, business man and artist, no date

Last name: N's

John Nash obituary February 2015

Jonathan Nash obituary February 2015
Polly Nash Obituary July 2014

William Nash, August 1980

Robert Nathan Obituary 1-11-2017

Josephine Nava Obituary Feb 14, 2018

Jamie Neal obituary, March 2010

Charles Needham, Jr., Obituary 8-3-2016

Richard North sentenced for investment scam, December 1996

Robert Norton obituary 07-20-2016

Edwin Noyes, May 1975

Lorraine Nuss, Vendo Nubes Art Gallery, October 1980

Last name: O's

Nancy Oates, Town Clerk, October 2003

Nancy Oates interview, October 2009

Oboist still enjoys performing his music, April 1997

Margaret Kilpatrick O'Brien Obituary Oct 18, 2017

Paul J. O'Brien Obituary Dec 6, 2017

Joseph O'Donnell, sous chef at Boston Lenox Hotel, July 1980

Dr Timorhy O'Farrell, June 1996

Bob Offer Westort in rural Ghana, September 2002

Engagement; Ashley Washington to marry Michael Okola, December 2010

Patrick O'Neal, Eagle Scout, April 2009

Bruce O'Neill, no date

The Old Oars : Di Hunter, Betsy Stevens, Diane Hoyt, Happy Chapman April 2008

John Derden (Jack) Osborn Obituary 10-25-2017

Jacqueline O'Toole Borders that bind; Duxbury woman helping to build library in rural Nicaragua, October 2011

Roland Otto Obituary 8-26-2015