Powder Point Bridge

Duxbury's Fight for the Bridge, No Date

Editorial on name of bridge, no date

Powder Point Bridge, a poem by Ernest E. W. Brewster, 1888

New Bridge for Duxbury, 1889

Announcement of hearing on bridge construction, March 1890

Editorial by Laurence Bradford on name of bridge, March 1904

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Bridge history, August 1960s

Good Old Days, June 13, 1963

Gurnet Bridge, January 3, 1974

Longest wooden bridge, October 1968

Editorial on new bridge, February 1972

Notes on the bridge, April 1972

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Editorial, October 1972

Bridge is closed, August 1973

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Background on bridge, 1974-1975

Bridge May Exceed One Million, January 2, 1975

Powder Point Bridge Poem from 1888, April 17, 1975

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History of the bridge in article excerpts, July 1977

Bridge officially opened for traffic, September 1977

History of bridge, December 1980

Old Duxbury, July 1981

History of the bridge including poem, December 1981

Bridge Burns, June 11, 1985

Bridge repair will take 6-8 weeks, June 1985

Synopsis of recommendations by bridge committee, March 1986

Notes on special town meeting, March 1986

Historical data, April 1986

Bridging the Gap, April 27, 1987

Importance of bridge spans generations, June 1987

Exotic woods used for bridge, October 1989

Excerpt from Duxbury, A Guide, December 1998

Bridge in need of repair, December 1998

Bridge inspection may be premature, December 1998
Inspection report optimistic, November 1999

History of past repairs on bridge, 2000

Reduced weight limit causes problems for beach party, April 2004

Construction on bridge, April 2007

Bridge to Reopen 2013

That Sinking Feeling March 2013

Truck loader finally free March 2013

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Short History of Powder Point Bridge 9-2-2015