Railroads - From 1871 to 1939, Duxbury was connected by rail. Old Colony line re-established on South Shore in 1997

Debate over Restoration of Greenbush Line, No Date
Photo of Horse Drawn Barge Greeting Duxburys Train, No Date
Photo of Horse Drawn Barge Greeting Duxburys Train, No Date
First Run of the Old Colony Line, September 1955
Photo of RR Station in South Duxbury, June 1955
Edwin Noyes Notes on Local Railroad, June 1963
Boats and Buses Alternatives to Commuter Rail, March 1995
Brief History of a Railroad in Duxbury, September 1981
Commuters Guide to the Old Colony Railroad, September 1996
Concerns Grow as Work Starts on Commuter Lines, March 1995
Article from Vineyard Gazette, February 1974
Getting Involved in the Greenbush Plan for Commuter Rail, March 1995
Greenbush Rail Seen as Ugly Addition to Beautiful Towns, March 1995
Map and Proposed Price of Ticket to South Station, March 1995
Map of Economic Impact of Old Colony Line in South Shore, September 1997
MBTA Gives Nine Alternatives of Public Transportation on Greenbush Route, March 1995
Photo of Abandoned Greenbush Line Tracks, March 1995
Photos of S Duxbury Railroad Station, May 1975
Railroad Brought Population Growth Rather than Economic, June 1987
Reflection on the Old Colony Railroad, April 1988
Remembering Friendliness on Old Colony Railroad, June 1979
Restoration of Commuter Rail into Boston, December 1984
Supporters of Bus-Ferry Service Note Flexibility over Commuter Rail, No Date
The Regretful 1959 Demise of South Shore Line, March 1995
Old Colony restoration project, October 1997
New rail service, February 1998
History of the Railroad, Fall 1995
Map of Greenbush Line, March 22, 1995
Tangled Tracks, March 22, 1995

Available in library: map of the Greenbush Line