Saquish - Point of land at the end of Duxbury Beach currently controlled by the Saquish-Gurnet Neighborhood Association.

School Facilities - Building utilization and changes.


Schools - Academic and non-academic issues.

Schools - Alden

Schools - Duxbury High School

Schools - History

Schools - Partridge Academy

Schools - Point School


Senior Center - See: Duxbury Senior Center

Senior Housing - Duxborrough Village

Septic Systems - Multiple user systems in the town.


Shipbuilding - Men and natural resources involved in shipbuilding.

Ships & Shipping - Local, current and historical ships.

Shipwrecks - Local, current and historical shipwrecks.

Sisters of the Society of St. Margaret - local, Episcopal nuns.

Skateboarding - Skateboard Park

Snug Harbor - Area of Duxbury Bay.

Social Life & Customs

Spelling Bees


Stamp Acts - Town voted not to accept stamp act of 1765.

Standish House - Hotel off Marshall Street that flourished late 1800's to early 1900's.

Standish Humane Society - Organization sponsoring a no-kill animal shelter.

Standish, Myles - Military leader of Pilgrims and early settler of town.

Standish Monument - Built by Standish Monument Association to honor Miles Standish, begun in 1872 and completed in 1898.

Storms - Impact and histories. See also: Hurricanes

Streets & Byways - Roads, paths, roundabouts and signs