Social Life and Customs

Oyster Action No Date
A voyage for the Valentine, no date
Reprint of Feb. 8, 1951 Clipper article
Reprint of February 1, 1951 Duxbury Clipper article
How it was in 1907, June 1952
Extract from January 1772 diary of Anna Green Winslow, April 1954
Random Notes by Fisher Ames, October 1959
From a 1914 Duxbury diary, July 1964
Rememberances of 1871 and 1889, October 1965
Cribbage, Whist, Bowling and Rotary Club March 17, 1966
Whist, Daisy Club and Fire Auxiliary October 29, 1966
Holly Ball, November 1966
Postscript by Jack Post, June 1970
Postscript by Jack Post, August 1970
Historic cane, May 1973
In Dayes of Olde, May 1973
Nostalgic photo of horse and carraige, February 1974
Memorial Day, May 1974
Down Memory Lane, December 1973
Reprint of 1914 Boston Post newsclip, July 1974
The winter solstice, December 1974
Rotary Club, May 1975
Summer days in 1815, May 1975
History of the Garden Club, May 8, 1975
Old Duxbury, September 1977
Long Ago, 1887, October 1977
History of the Garden Club, August 1982
Winter activities in the 20's and 30's, September 1982
Memories of Yesterday taken from January 1963 Clipper, September 1982
Three articles on Boston Post Canes, from Boston Public Library, May 1992
Long Ago Duxbury, April 1996
Article taken from Put It On The Front Page, published in 1960, May 1996
A day in the life of a 1918 teenager, June 1996
Duxbury at the turn of the century, August 1996
Duxbury assemblies, December 1996
New Duxbury Free Library, November 1997
Long Ago Duxbury January 21, 1998
Memories of Yesterday January 28, 1998
The Fabric of Duxbury March 3, 1999
Jumping at Bluefish River, June 1999
First Nite, January 2000
Summer fun for kids, June 2000
Rotary Club 50th anniversary, November 2000
Holiday decorations, December 2000
Tinkertown Luminaries December 20, 2000
Prom Time, Planes, Trains and Lawnmowers, May 2001
Message in a bottle, October 2001
Garden Club 75th anniversary, November 2002
Snug Harbor Chorus and Other Arts Activities, April 23, 2003
Jumping at Bluefish River, September 2004
Garden Club welcomes French visitors, June 2006
Parents question safety of Bluefish River Bridge, August 2006
2nd annual Duxbury Oyster Festival, May 2007
Local band Despite Dwight, July 2007
Draco the Dragon, April 2009
Island Creek Oyster Festival, September 2009
Snug Harbor Chorus and Other Arts Activities, April 23, 2003