Streets & Byways - Roads, paths, roundabouts and signs

Smithy on old Route 3, no date
The Last Horse on High Street, No Date
Repair of Roads No Date
State's First Roundabout No Date.pdf
Lack of Paths, Sidewalks No Date
New Route for Bike Path Group No Date
Bumpy Ride for Bike Path Plan No Date
Pembroke Street That Went to Sleep No Date
Cartways became streets, May 1953
High Street, September 1961
Highway Dept. Has Come a Long Way January 28, 1965
Automobile fatality, June 1966
Roads were bad, August 1966
Harrison Street, November 1968
Rural mail delivery is extended, December 1971
Priscilla Harris article in Yankee magazine, May 1973
Town committees ask for scenic roads, December 1974
Driving Through Duxbury, May 1975
Powder Point, March 1977
Old Indian trails, September 1980
Rev Robert Merry article on Duxbury roads, February 1981
Route 3 changed character of community, June 1987
Neighborhoods seeking to ban trucks, November 1995
Historic Washington Street, April 1996
Selectmen against excessive signs, June 1996
Duxbury Village once called Sodom, June 1996
Surplus Street, July 1996
Photos of Congress and Franklin Streets intersection, July 1996
Limit on signs urged, August 1996
Heavy truck traffic on Lincoln Street, September 1996
Citizen Committee to take on dangerous intersections, August 1997
Halls Corner rotary, October 1998
Path and sidewalk survey results, November 1999
Sidewalk Committee Proposed, March 2000
Sidewalk Project approved, March 2000
Tremont Street solution editorial, August 2000
Tremont St zoning issue resolved, August 2000
Surplus Street, May 2001
Sidewalk report released, July 2001
A Journey Down Surplus Street, parts I and II, May, June 2001
A Journey Down Surplus Street, parts III and IV, June 2001
A Journey Down Surplus Street, parts V and VI, June, July 2001
A Journey Down Surplus Street, parts VII and VIII, July 2001
A Journey Down Surplus Street, parts IX and X, July, August 2001
Sidewalk Committee Report, August 2001
Hole in road above cow tunnel, September 2001
Chestnut Street project poorly planned, July 2002
Halls Corner flagpole planter completed, October 2002
Resident wants light at Tremont and Tobey Garden intersection, October 2003
Routh 3 expansion will wait, February 2004
Chestnut St intersection may need a fix, March 2004
The naming of Duxbury streets, December 2004
Temple and Lincoln Streets to get four way stop sign, December 2004
Photo of Harrison Street daffodils, April 2005
The Daffodil Project, May 2005
Survey shows need for more sidewalks, December 2005
Town beautification program, September 2006
Street signs redesigned, November 2006
The Green Mile, May 18, 2011.pdf
Crash course; What are the most dangerous interse ctions in Duxbury, and what can we do about them, August 2011.pdf