Vandalism - Malicious destruction.

Arrest Made in Cross Burning Incident, February 2005
Attorney General Files Civil Rights Injunction Against Duxbury Teens, February 2000
Beach Bonfire and Washington St Aflame, July 2001
Christmas Tree on Town Green Vandalized, December 2004
Clipper Office Window Broken by Vandals, December 2003
Draco the Dragon Vandalized, December 2006
Drunk 13 Year Old Breaks Into House, April 2007
Duxbury Family Target of Anti-Semitism, December 1999
Duxbury Girls Face Civil Rights Complaint in Court, February 2000
Duxbury Girls Show No Remorse or Ignorance in Court, February 2000
Duxbury Man Confesses Guilt to Cross Burning, June 2005
Hooligans Caused Power Failure No Date
Judge Denies Attorney Generals Injunction Against Duxbury Girls, February 2000
Judge Weighs Civil Righs Action Against Duxbury Teenagers, February 2000
King Caesar House Fence Vandalized, September 1965
Local Car Vandalism Cases Rise, December 2005
Local Church Broken Into, Vandalized, May 2004
Man Surprises Thief January 21, 2007
Students Hack DHS Computers, June 2007
Theif Steals Local Homeowners Laptop, January 2007
Threat Written on High School Wall December 17, 2008
Three School Buses Set on Fire, September 2005
Two 15 Year Old Girls Charged in Anti-Semitic Hate Crime, December 1999
Two Duxbury Teens Arraigned in Juvenile Court for Hate Crime, January 2000
Vandalism Spree Hits Duxbury, December 2006
Vandals Break Marble Tomb Doors, July 1982
Vandals cause Power Failure, August 1999
Vandals Go on Street Sign Rampage, May 1999
Vandals Smash School Bus Windsheilds, March 2004
Vandals hit Chandler School, June 2011.pdf